Manual or Electric Recliner chairs

We highly recommend electric recliner chairs if the user is elderly or frail!

Many people often get confused about Riser Recliner Chairs! There are two types of recliner chairs to choose from both operate function differently

Manual recliner chairs require the owner to manually release a lever and then leverage the chair into a tilt and recline position

For an average fit person with no muscle dysfunction the procedure is straight forward and requires little effort to place the chair into the desired tilt reclines position etc.

If the user is elderly or weak / frail a manual recliner chair will not be the ideal solution. Though the procedure may seem very easy for the average person it does require a lot of strength to manually recline and tilt the chair into the desired relaxing position

A more conventional approach to overcome the physical strength needed to operate a reclining chair would be to purchase an electric recliner chair

Electric Riser Recliner Chairs

Electric recliner chairs remove all the obstacles one may have with bad health! Lack of strength due to an illness or just weak and frail due to old age

A simple press of a button will automatically raise and tilt the chair into a comfy relaxed position without any effort being made by the user occupant of the chair

Depending on which type of electric recliner chair one may purchase your chair could have infinite tilt and recline positions allowing the user to either relax watching TV or recline the chair into a sleeping position or upright to eat a meal etc.

There are two types of electric reclining chairs available! Single motorised chairs with limited tilt recline modes and dual motor recliner chairs that allow an infinite tilt and recline positions

The main advantage of riser recliner chairs is they offer an easy way to dismount from the chair by reclining the back and tilting the chair forward to allow the person to escape from the chair with no effort at all

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